Sorry in advance for the many questions! For those who have a fitness ministry: 1.) if you offer childcare for group for classes is it free or do you charge for it? 3.) if you require reservations for it, how do you handle no shows or late cancellations for childcare? 4.) charge a no show fee? 5.) What’s the line that determines an excused late cancellation??? We offer free childcare for a large portion of our morning group fitness classes. They are free. We require each person to reserve their child by noon the day before so we know how many childcare workers we need. All is great except for the some who continue to reserve and not show up with no notice. Do you charge a no show fee? What’s the black and white line for an excused late cancelation? We live giving free childcare, just need to address the issue with no shows/late cancellations. Thanks!!

Posted by Kade Rapoza at 2022-09-20 23:38:45 UTC