Joseph Mwuara serves as the founder and director of New Hope Sports Centre founder in Kenya. He helps support and equip local churches to reach young people, families, and communities through sports and recreation ministry. @Joseph Mwaura shares an encouraging story about Dennis who was 12 yrs old in 2015: “Through an organized Soccer clinic, we invited young people through the local churches. Dennis' love for the game made him join a group of boys from his village who had got an invitation to attend our soccer clinic. After a time of great fun playing soccer, we gathered more than 100 young people in attendance and it was time for devotional. I vividly remember how Dennis walked from the back and came at the front and said 'Yes to Jesus' This was after I had shared the Gospel and invited the young people to make decisions. Dennis was the only one who responded to the invitation! Dennis is 19 yrs old today. He is the best Goalkeeper among his peers and part of our Volunteer Coaches! Discipling Dennis has been a great adventure, watching him stand out among his peers is encouraging and seeing him disciple young boys is fulfilling! One way God has answered prayer in our Ministry is Raising vision-driven Coaches who are creating an eternal impact in their communities! God has been teaching me that I am just a vessel in His hands, prepared not to accomplish my agenda but His! My greatest motivation in our Ministry is when I witness changed lives and decisions made!” Thankful for these incredible stories of God's faithfulness through sports, recreation, and fitness ministry!

Posted by Aubrey Coleman at 2022-07-29 13:43:41 UTC