Do you struggle like me to say “no” to people and possibly those in your ministry? If you are like me, this has been an area of struggle over the years both personally and in ministry. I do not want to disappoint leadership, people I lead, and people in general so I say “yes” instead of saying “no”. This has shaped me more than I have realized and moreover it is about me and not the Lord reminding me of my “yes” and “no”. I am discovering how saying “no” is freeing and walking in the Lord in it. I came across this article (linked below) from Ron Edmondson that shares seven reasons for a leader to say No. I hope you find it encouraging and evening freeing. In addition, at CEDE Sports, we want to come alongside leaders to help with gospel-centered ministry and leadership. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, please let us know!

Posted by Jenny Young at 2022-07-11 13:27:40 UTC