I want to share an awesome story that happened at the end of our basketball season this past weekend. God continues to work and I want to share how amazing He is. I met with a family who moved from India to Cumming Georgia it's about 2 years ago. The parents were saved before they came to the US but their two sons David and Daniel were not. This past year their oldest son David accepted Jesus as his savior. After our basketball season celebration he wanted to talk with me about being baptized. While preparing for his baptism his dad told me the story of why they were changing David's legal name. For those that are not aware, there is a significant cultural difference in names. Understanding American culture to have a first name and family last name they are going to change their children's last name to Mishael, which means Who is Like God? So the amily name they want to be passed down from generation to generation is Mishael. One of the religious hurdles that we have experienced witnessing to those that have a Hindu background is not their willingness to accept Jesus as one of their gods, but to accept Jehovah and Jesus as the one true God. Seeing this family prove their faith is the type of commitment that challenges me and encourages me to continue focusing on being a gospel centered disciple making sports ministry.

Posted by Kane Gonzales at 2022-02-16 19:29:22 UTC