Why Sports, Rec, and Fitness Ministry? On Monday and Tuesday this week, I answered this question to a number of different audiences at a church in the DFW area. Here is my overall outline in answer to the question – - First of all, the Great Commission calls us to both the evangelizing and discipling of people - We need “bridges” to connect to people who aren’t yet connected to the Gospel Story in order to fulfill this call to evangelism. - We need “laboratories” to develop those who have connected with the Gospel Story in order to fulfill the call to disciple them. - Sports, Rec, and Fitness are great as “bridges to connect” and “laboratories to develop” – not the only “bridge” and “laboratory” but maybe the best. What is your answer? Let us know in the comments.

Posted by Bob Schindler - Community Host at 2022-02-09 16:55:18 UTC