Good morning everyone! My name is Shea Massengale and I serve as the Sports and Recreation Minister at Salem Baptist in McDonough Georgia. Been here for 8 years, but new to this app and forum! Thankful for CEDE providing this platform. Question for everyone… I am trying to find something to help with our league evaluations. We typically use an excel sheet with printouts and then manually enter the scores at the fields… And then we have to go into the Excel sheet and re-enter the scores. Trying to find something that could convert the Excel sheet and allow me to use iPads at evaluations so that I could do it digitally at the fields. Does anyone have any suggestions on something you have used? I have researched a little online and I know that there are some companies that can convert an excel file to an “app” but wanted to ask on here first! Thanks in advance!

Posted by Shea Massengale at 2022-01-28 13:48:01 UTC