One day, many years ago, I was in a Mom and Pop hardware store. I love to browse dusty hardware stores especially when I get weary with ministry. I pick up the tools, think about what I can do with them. As opposed to ministry, after you use a tool you can see what you have done! No so with ministry, oftentimes you do not see the fruit for a decade or more or never. Back to the hardware store - that day they had a bin with discounted tools and for $5 I bought a DOG BONE WRENCH. (look it up online) I have used it for so many applications, putting beds together, working on the car, even used it as a hammer a few times. It is my “go to” and only if I cannot use it – will I put out a craftsman socket set. It is like the swiss Army knife of tools in my mind. It can solve so many problems. If you see this tool – buy it! You have my recommendation! Hardware stores are fun to me, comforting to me, a good diversion. But God has called me to minister to people, and I can use many tools like prayer, love, faith, God's Word ... yet I must always remind myself only God can change a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. And I am thankful sometimes I get to see it happen!

Posted by Ken Cross at 2021-12-15 17:40:01 UTC