For a little while now, the below has been dream of mine. Obtaining a facility that can be called Name: The King’s Gym Meaning : My family (moms side) comes from the King Family so I want that to be a part of it because I love and respect them so much but More importantly the gym would be for glory of the King of Kings. So double meaning Purpose : This facility would be used to bless the community, the b-ball world, and vball world. provide a safe venue for its athletes all for Gods glory. P4E would use it for its leagues/tourneys ... but also Building AAU. Teams squads, a venue where trainers can come and use to train their athletes and more. It would be used for both b-ball and vball. This may seem like just a dream but with our God - anything is possible. Please pray alongside me if you feel so led

Posted by Don Weyrick at 2021-12-10 03:16:39 UTC