Wanted to officially welcome some new members from the past month to our community! If you haven't already please head over to "Introduce Yourself" linked below or found easily on the home page, and give us a little blurb about who you are! While you're there take a look around at who else is on here. If you would like to reach out to any of the members click on their profile and then use the "Connect" button to be able to interact with them individually! Without further adieu... a big welcome to - @Max Schaafsma @Nina Fiore Schaafsma @Shepherd @Michael Cranford @Daren Hunter @Monique Messenger @Sam Oatman @CHRIS COX @Brian Harrill @Alston Richardson @Noah Stuckless @Jade Reavis Attached is an image to show you just how far this little app has reached! Reach out in the comments below if you would like to connect with anyone to find out where they are from!

Posted by Raqel Currie at 2021-12-09 20:54:48 UTC