Coaching Those Who Make Mistakes Last Saturday, Jahleel Billingsley a Tight End from Chicago who plays for the Alabama football team dropped a perfectly thrown ball from QB Bryce Young in the end zone. It was one of only 2 passes all day that was not a completion. The CBS commentator mentioned the troubled season of the talented #19 Billingsley. He had been in the head coach's dog house a few times. What do you do when you are coaching someone who fails? Some would say, "Don't worry about it!" -- Even though 101,000 fans saw it in person and groaned, plus the millions watching on TV. Others would just not say anything and ignore the one who failed, thinking, "they do not want to hear from me right now!" The play caller for Alabama did the prefect thing! He called his number on the next play - I even think is was the same play. He kept him in the game and gave him another opportunity to either succeed or fail. It was a touchdown! (Roll Tide!) We will never coach anyone who makes all the plays! God only works with depraved folks like me and you! Stay in the game!

Posted by Ken Cross at 2021-11-17 16:18:09 UTC