Cool story was shared with me last night at our weekly Pickleball time. One of our players, who’s 80 years old named Rheunna, has connected with one of our younger players, Paige, who’s around 19 years old. In their conversations, Rheunna learned that Paige was gonna attend nursing school. Rheunna was a nurse so this really excited her. So much so, that she pleaded with Paige to allow her to help her in some way. Paige did her best to kindly decline, but Rheunna persisted and has decided to pay for Paige’s books! One of my favorite things about Pickleball, and really sports ministry in general, is the reconciliation and Kingdom relationships that are formed. A common theme in the world is for the old and young to not connect, but not in God’s Kingdom!

Posted by Case Smith at 2021-11-09 13:54:39 UTC