A few months ago we engaged with local high school coaches through these goody bags. The branded duffel bags were full of snacks, but also included a scripture journal and a copy of “Does God Care Who Wins?”. I included a letter thanking coaches for their willingness to lead the next generation and urged them to carry out such a responsibility in a manner worthy of respect. Fast forward to now. Multiple coaches have reached out saying DGCWW has revolutionized their outlook and made their role much less stressful. We’ve started coaches Bible studies at two new high schools, and strengthened the studies that were already rolling. If sports is a language, it’s universal. It’s everywhere. Where the ground is hard for the gospel it’s often soft for sports. Praise God for the vessel He’s given us. I hope this challenges you to continue your sports ministry #onandoffthefield

Posted by Taylor Price at 2021-11-03 16:17:48 UTC