Last week at the REACHgathering we heard about some of the similar challenges faced by Christianity in the 60s AD and today in the US. During those 60s, Paul wrote to his closest colleague and next generation leader, Timothy, about how to overcome those challenges and FINISH STRONG - in what we call 2Timothy. We learned in 2Timothy 1 that if we are going to FINISH STRONG, we must REKINDLE our PASSION for the gospel - the gift, the grace, and the greatness of the gospel. When Paul said this to Timothy, he was not calling Timothy to do this by his effort. Rather, Paul was pointing Timothy to the Holy Spirit to rekindle, to stir up, what he reminded Timothy about regarding the gospel. Let's pray that the Holy Spirit would do just that in the lives of those in the SR&F Community. He alone can enlighten our hearts to the gospel and rekindle our passion for this great gospel. When he does, we share the gospel confidently, live the gospel courageously, and guard the gospel closely.

Posted by Bob Schindler - Community Host at 2021-09-20 20:33:29 UTC