The Community is growing!!!!! We want to welcome the large list of new members - Joel Hanberry @Joel Hanberry, Joe Patane @Joe Patane, Jason Underwood @Jason Underwood, Charlie Davis @Charlie Davis, Matt Dearman @Matt Dearman, Gary Knight @Gary Knight, Parker Wales @Parker Wales, Anthony Decuir, Jr @Anthony Decuir, Jr. , Brad Bendily @Brad Bendily, Chad Kennedy @Chad Kennedy, Ryan Spencer @Ryan Spencer, Dale Spikes @Dale Spikes, Juan Ortiz @Juan Ortiz, Jessica Troxclair @Jessica Troxclair, Dawn Wallace @Dawn Wallace, Dedra Wiley @Dedra Wiley, Sydney Roberts @Sydney Roberts, Burgundy Cummings @Burgundy Cummings, Susan Cedotal @Susan Cedotal, Mishaux Ramirez @Mishaux Ramirez, Alyse Stevens @Alyse Stevens, Mark Barbre @Mark Barbre, Steven Marse @Steven Marse, Carter LeBlanc @Carter LeBlanc, Candi Lindsay @Candi Lindsay, Kevin Leonards @Kevin Leonards, and Russell Dulin @Russell Dulin. Most of these are from Istrouma Sports in Baton Rouge, but also have First Baptist - Tyler, TX and Hopewell Baptist Church in Monroe, NC. The SRF Community now has 142 members.

Posted by Bob Schindler - Community Host at 2021-08-27 20:30:05 UTC