You NEVER know... ...what God can do through ordinary means. Today, I ended up taking a random call originally asking to use our fields for a non-Christian women's flag football league. The caller is a Christian who used to attend our church, but the league isn't a ministry. After sharing that we couldn't accommodate, the caller asked if I had recommendations for another field. I shared a few options including a church I knew nearby. He then asked me what a win for the church would be, so I shared some thoughts I bring to the table when I'm considering a group: intentionality in Jesus, possible outreach opportunities, etc. This led to a conversation on how the caller tries to incorporate Jesus within his coaching, player conflict, and other places. Soon after, I shared more about REACH and the opportunities it presents to help him in this endeavor. All in all, God used the seemingly ordinary cold call to create a new relationship and possibly show someone how they can be even more gospel centric in their endeavors. Praying you give the ordinary to God today and watch Him do incredibly more than we can ask or imagine according to works within us for His honor and glory (Ephesians 3:20-21).

Posted by Adam Dunlap at 2024-06-27 16:49:35 UTC