Hello everyone. I have been part of this community for a while now and am so thankful for how God has brought me back into full time SR&F Ministry over the last couple of months. My family lives in Georgia and I have just started as the new Director at Dunwoody Baptist Church. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to what God is going to continue to do through the ministry of the Sports and Fitness Center at Dunwoody. If any of you directors could please help me out as I start I am looking to update our Operations/Employee Manuals for both the Fitness Center and for our Sports Leagues to aid in the management and daily operations. If you are able to share any materials to help me in updating these items please email me at dperson@dbc.org Also would appreciate prayers while our family looks to relocate closer since we are currently about an hour away and need to find a home much closer. Thank you for this community and I look forward to sharing and being part of this community once again.

Posted by Daryel Person at 2024-06-13 09:07:10 UTC