Self Care - How do you take care of yourself? At Reachgathering 24 I hosted a panel of 3 guys who shared how they take care of themselves and what they learned over the years. They did an amazing job and shared a good amount of good advice. One thing that stuck out with me and continues to do so is what @Adam Dunlap shared about we are always juggling balls (all these things we have to do, in charge of and responsible for) ; Some are made of rubber but some are made of glass. The Rubber ones will continue bounce if you drop them but the ones made of glass probably will break after being dropped. The key is knowing what’s important and degrees on how important they are. This is going to be one of my things to focus on going forward. What are some ways you take care of yourself? How do you prioritize these things? What are some tips you have for others? Let’s share to encourage and help others!!!!

Posted by Don Weyrick at 2024-06-04 10:43:26 UTC