Hello SRF community! We are excited to introduce a new community incentive: 🏆RANK & REWARD🏆 Like stars at Starbucks or a Top Contributor Badge in your favorite facebook group, we want to highlight our highest ranking members in the app and reward them! 🔸How will we do this? Every month we will reveal the top 3 highest ranking members on the app. The #1 ranking member will receive a 5$ Starbucks Gift Card and a “Top Rank Badge” attached to their name! 🔹How can you become a high ranking member? There are various ways to get points to increase your ranking! Posting in the app, commenting on and liking others posts, and encouraging engagement are a few ways you will receive points. Those who are interacting and utilizing the app the most are more likely to have a higher rank. We will continue to share more about this new reward system this month–including current highly ranked members, more ways to receive points, and best ways to engage! Like this post if you're up for the challenge! 🎉

Posted by Aubrey Coleman at 2024-05-08 17:29:35 UTC