What is your go-to worship/praise song? Back in 2014 a nine year old boy named Willie Myrick was kidnapped from his driveway in Atlanta. The kidnapper drove him around for 3 hours. Soon fear was replaced with faith and Willie started singing “Every Praise” by Hezakiah Walker. He started praising past fear. Despite numerous threats from the Kidnapper who was cussing at him. After 3 hours or so the praising overtook the enemy and the kidnapper threw him out of the car unharmed. Young Willie was able to overcome his personal fear and was able o worship and praise God through this ordeal. In his worst moment he was able to cry out to Jesus in praise. And Praise indeed overcame the enemy. He was able to share his story at his Church and Hezakiah Walker came out to meet him and sing the song with young Willie. Walker now knows he wrote that song speak into Willie which ended up saving his life. Although We really don’t know who we will impact with songs we write, books we write, sermons/devos we share, posts we do and or interactions we have; but we can trust God that he will use those to Glorify Jesus and use it for his purpose. So in a time a need, a stressful time, a scary time, : What is your go-to verse/song that you can say/sing on repeat in order to get you through the situation?

Posted by Don Weyrick at 2024-05-07 13:53:06 UTC