I know often times this is a place for posting questions or sharing "victories" in our sports ministry but today, had it not been for quick-thinking kids that listened to the teaching of their parents today today could have been a very sad day at our soccer games. I share this not to scare anyone but to make us all aware of the evil that's out there and to stay vigilant and alert when we're at our fields or courts on game days. We had a near kidnapping today at our youth soccer games that praise God resulted in the kid's finding their parents amd and the parents finding me and the cops were called immediately and dispatched to us. A quick thinking parent was able to capture the license plate and image of the van these guys were in and give a description of the age, gender, ethnicity and even the clothing of the would be kidnappers. I'm praising the Lord for the fact that the kid's in our league were kept safe today and am so grateful for the quick thinking of a few parents and the wisdom of the kids who these guys were after. Sorry for the long post but after a great week like this was and a tough day today at soccer games I felt the need to share this in the hopes that it helps prevent it from happening in y'alls leagues and Ministries!

Posted by William Stanford at 2024-04-21 00:13:33 UTC