Thanks to everyone who prayed for the Woodruff's and Fox's. ML & Brenda Woodruff were able to get their window fixed yesterday morning so they could head to their next stop in GA for the weekend with their daughter. They are grateful to find someone that could come that day and have the glass they needed. Jeff & Kim Fox did go to the hospital to be checked out. They are ok - very bruised and stiff. Kim has pulled ribs and sternum. Tough moving today but they are so glad not to be more seriously hurt. It was a five car accident with all five cars totalled. Jeff and Kim were hit by a box truck in the rear. This is what threw them around. It is very encouraging to see so many of you rally to pray for both families. Thanks for your support.

Posted by Bob Schindler - Community Host at 2024-04-20 18:32:42 UTC