Just wanted to share an EncounterI had with someone at the airport. I was hanging out in the Delta lounge waiting for my flight as it was being delayed. Going on the last hour , A guy sat in the table next to me and seemed troubled already. He then got on a call and was talking to someone for a good amount of time. He was heated and venting a lot about being an issue with how he was on an Olympic team and then removed. It was a bit loud at least enough for me to hear. When he was done , I kept feeling the nudge to ask him about it so I just did. And he shared what happened and what was going on. He was the coxen for the Olympic rowing team and got removed for stuff that was blamed on him but wasn’t his fault. Not the purpose of the story but for context. I then got to have a lengthy conversation with him and sympathize with him and also share how I handle situations like that and what we can control. I let him know how tough it is especially being that close and at best has to wait another 4 years. I was able to drop who I can only put my faith and trust in and that’s Jesus. And threw God in here and there during the conversation. And he was at least knodding in agreement with this. I then realize I had only 15 mins to get to my flight so I needed to leave quickly. I apologize for meddling, and ask his name . He said no I needed this and thanked me and I told him. I pray for him and he said thanks. His name is Jimmy and he is going through it and also I believe he is battling sexuality issues. So please pray for him But I share this because there are interactions daily that we can turn talk into God talk as long we are staying alert and seeking those out. I know at the very least Jimmy for a short time had a brotha to talk through things and who this guy prays to.

Posted by Don Weyrick at 2024-04-19 01:30:27 UTC