Do you ever sense the impact and difference that is being made with coaches, volunteers, and families in your leagues? Read from a former coach to me as a sports minister about this impact. Personal story. Coach: "So after the game today that ended the season, one of my kids (who will be too old to play with my son next year) came up and told me this: "Last year I lost my best friend, and since then I have really struggled with depression. But being a part of this team and hearing the sports, life and truth devotions is what helped bring me out of it..." So on days when you are tired and wonder if what you do makes a difference, remember that this is more than just a basketball league. Thanks for providing the forum; all of the scheduling and logistics and long hours are used by The Lord to reach the hearts and minds of these kids!" All the best, Coach JS You are making a difference leaders, coaches, and volunteers as you serve the Lord!

Posted by Jenny Young at 2024-03-26 13:05:03 UTC