In life, we may feel like we are falling behind others and everybody seems like that have a head start/an easier road to travel. Same goes for our ministries our journey in ministry. In the world view this would be correct But GOD is in the mix on our side Just because we feel like we are falling behind, others getting that head start on us, others have an easier road, others have had that easier road and we feel like we are stuck in this static state. More often than not, God is preparing us for something bigger . Preparing us in the pull back by sanding us down a bit, teaching us, molding us, and showing us ways we need to grow in that pull back. As in a slingshot there is a sweet spot where you gain the most distance and speed from what you’re firing. If you go too quick it does not go as far and if you go too late same thing happens. Gods timing is perfect and he knows the exact distance to pull back at the right time to release you fully And in that the momentum and speed will take you farther and quicker than you could ever dream or imagine. This really spoke to me this morning and I pray it encourages you today If you felt encourage I would love to hear how it spoke to you today. Have a blessed day So if you are in this position be ready for that slingshot momentum I pray this encourages you today

Posted by Don Weyrick at 2024-03-02 12:35:57 UTC