Christ is coming and there’s only so long he’ll wait!!! This is a line in the song, Fear of God, by Brooke Lingertwood that I found especially inspirational of late. It focuses on the reality of the return of Christ and what we do in the meantime. I discovered a couple of years ago that the return of Jesus Christ is a theme of every New Testament book except Philemon. In the light of that discovery, I asked myself, “Is the return of Christ a major theme of my life?” Unfortunately, I had to answer “no.” The conclusion of that acknowledgement – I was out of step with what was on the heart of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t like admitting that. But, since the Holy Spirit inspired those New Testament writings, the conclusion was true none the less. I asked the Holy Spirit to change my perspective and began studying, thinking, and reading about our “blessed hope, the appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.” To that end, I, along with three other teachers, took an Adult Fellowship Class at our church, New City Church in Charlotte, through a study of his coming, using John Piper’s Come, Lord Jesus as reference source. I wish I could say these prayers and efforts have led to Christ’s return taking the prominent place it deserves in my heart. I can’t. I can say the Holy Spirit has changed me – in good ways – and continues to challenge me to think more about Christ’s return. How about you? Is the second coming of Christ a major theme of your thoughts? If not, ask the Holy Spirit to make it a theme and begin reading and studying the Scriptures looking for that theme. (In the comments below, put a Scripture reference to the return of Christ you find meaningful.) The song I previously mentioned goes on to say - In the blink of an eye and a trumpet sound We will be changed The mortal clothed immortal in his name So, lift up your voice if God's called you too While we're still here we've got work to do Let’s heed this word to praise that reality and do the work he has given us while we wait. There's only so long he'll wait!!!!

Posted by Bob Schindler - Community Host at 2024-03-05 13:00:05 UTC