IN RESPONSE TO AUBREY’S POST ON EARBUDS: Aubrey, There’s a lot of great AUDIO content online to enjoy. I hope you and others on this app will add Faith & Fitness Magazine AUDIO as one more source: Also worth mentioning - I encourage those who specifically lead or serve in a FITNESS ministry to read our article: Just Doin’ My Thing: It’s geared toward men but women too will find the spiritual instruction in it useful. In the fitness culture it is almost assumed protocol/process to ALWAYS workout with an audio distraction. In that article, be sure to scroll down to the heading: FROM ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ TO ‘USE ME GOD’ (pic of the guy putting an earbud in his ear). We encourage fitness leaders to encourage their members to turn it off some and intentionally engage with others in the gym - be useable for God’s purpose.

Posted by Brad Bloom at 2024-03-01 14:25:03 UTC