!!!Have an urgent prayer request!!! (Not to be shared as mine publication) Attention and Urgent prayers are needed!!! All NGO activities announced by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as a foreign invasion into the Central Asian region. It means everything we do as Christians: humanitarian relief, refugees humanitarian aid, sports activities, medicine aid, foundations everything considered as a foreign bad threat targeted against governments of any central Asian country!!! In any time myself and my family would be put in to jail as a threat against Tajik or any central Asian government. And Russian Federation Ministry of Defense is much stronger and smarter than any Central Asian republics. (You can turn on cc translation in to English in YouTube) https://youtu.be/I3iNSXKnJTc?si=un9kS3fYEhoR8Tmb https://www.instagram.com/reel/C35JZ44JWHU/?igsh=MWs2ZWl0cjlzdXRnNA==

Posted by Vitaly Shamaev at 2024-02-28 16:54:43 UTC