Two words. Caitlin Clark. What comes to mind when you think of women's collegiate sports the last 10 years? February 15, 2024 marked a historic time for Division I Women’s Collegiate Basketball with the Iowa Hawkeyes Caitlin Clark breaking the all-time NCAA scoring record that was previously held since 2017 by Kelsey Plum from the Washington Huskies. Clark has elevated women’s basketball the last four years with her shooting depth, game play and competitiveness. Another aspect of her game that may seem underrated is her ability to see her teammates on the floor. I would contend her passing is just as high of value as her scoring has been. A quote I read states, “Caitlin credits some of her passing feel to playing soccer growing up, which helped her anticipate and understand angles. I love the full-court transition passing to my teammates.” I have watched more women's college basketball than I have since High school. To see her encourage the game, her teammates and bring women’s basketball to place where many are enjoying it maybe for the first time or in while reminds me of how God created us to play in teams. Congratulations to Clark on this accomplishment and or us to be reminded how we can help others move towards redeeming sport/fitness and ourselves back to God through play of any form. Comment your thoughts.

Posted by Jenny Young at 2024-02-26 21:00:05 UTC