Two questions that have been helpful to reflect on each year: 1. What worked? 2. What didn't work? I write down as much as I can think of and it becomes a simple way to consider resolutions to make, scrap, or keep in the new year in life, ministry, family, etc. One personal example for me of one thing that did NOT work this year was overcommitting. As a mom of young kids, you can imagine or attest to the chaos that comes with saying yes to too much. This year, I aim to list out my big commitments up to 3 months at a time and use that as a guide for how much I can continue to say yes too! One thing that DID work was taking advantage of marginal time to read my Bible. I am tempted to wait around for long chunks of time to study more deeply, but God has graciously reminded me that He can make a feast in my heart when only chewing on His Word for 10 minutes. What few things come to mind as you consider these questions?

Posted by Aubrey Coleman at 2024-01-18 15:01:02 UTC