Over the last month, I have been watching my nephews 8th grade school basketball team on stream as he is in another state. His team has 8 players on their roster. 7 of them usually play during the course of a game. One doesn’t see the floor due to his limited basketball experience. One of the starters last week broke their nose in practice so now they have 6 players the coach will play. For the year, the coach has been dressing five 7th graders which they have all played in at least one or more of the games in place of an 8th grader. It was shared with the 8th grade team after the first game the 7th graders wouldn’t play unless the team couldn’t put 5 players on the court. That went out the window the next game. There are other variables to this scenario though wondered some of your insights in how a player should approach each game wanting to respect the coach yet not understanding the reasoning for playing up 7th graders when capable 8th graders sit the bench. - Where would we see the Gospel lived out in this situation? - How would you counsel a coach and player in this scenario?

Posted by Jenny Young at 2024-01-22 13:21:00 UTC