7/26/21 “No Dog in the Fight” & “That Dog won’t Hunt” - Two Southern Terms this Week (I’ll be on vacation next week.) For the unedjumakated folks these two terms mean different things and must not be confused! “No Dog in the Fight” means that you have no stake in the outcome. You don’t care who wins or loses. Sorta like having “no skin in the game” or no investment in the stock market so if it rises or falls it is of no consequence to that individual. “That Dog won’t Hunt” means that “idea” or “proposal” is bound to fail, like a dog that sleeps on a coon hunt. The dog is useless and so is the suggestion being proffered. “No Dog in the Hunt'' is a bastardization of two Southern idioms and is an example of unedjumakated folks. Sports Ministry Usage: If our coaches Bob & Jeff do not buy into our Mission and Vision for this Sports Ministry then they have “No Dog in the Fight” and as a result “That Dog won’t Hunt”! They must be equipped with more than a roster and equipment. The need to understand and own what we believe God wants to do through them! They need to see God’s calling on their lives and ministry!

Posted by Ken Cross at 2021-07-26 14:50:10 UTC