Hey Everyone: I've been running a men's basketball/bible study for the last 5 years or so. Our goals for these nights are to speak the truth of God into the lives of men; to build a community of guys that care about each other; connect men with a church and play basketball. This is accomplished through intentionally building relationships, providing scripture-based devotionals and facilitating basketball. God's been able to do some incredible things through this ministry. We've been able to create a fantastic culture that includes believers, de-churched and those outside of Christ. It's mostly worked because we started with a group of men who understood and lived out our goals. Over the years we've had over 100 men be a part of our program, with a core of guys that continued to hold and protect our culture. Over the last few months, our culture is starting to crack a bit as we have fewer core guys able to come. This combined with newer guys who don't understand or have not bought in to the culture have made it increasingly difficult. There is more history to all of this, (I've attached how we run the night), however what I'm asking for is a code of conduct. Does anyone have something similar to what we're doing that has an agreement that guys will sign in order to participate? I'd be happy to have insight and advice. Thanks!

Posted by Ben Radant at 2023-10-09 18:52:00 UTC