Spreading j3:16 vision across 8 countries and give 1 soccer ball per country for 15 international sport ministry leaders. Those students will go through 30 days sport ministry training in Armenia. Went with suitcase filled with 60 soccer balls, through 4 custom guard services in most dangerous geopolitical time for region of Euroasia. As a result: 4 borders have passed. Received an administrative waring because of braking law of export and import of goods from the Russian Federation custom service. Next time could be deportwd feom Russian federation.The last border Russian-Armenia went supernaturally: On the very last custom check point, custom security officer told me: oh how much soccer balls do you have? I told: 60. 😬😬😬 he told: oh but you allowed only 6:) What we’ll do? I told I don’t know. The only think I know, that Arminiyan kids need them:) Then his boss came out of his office, with the “sour” 😖 face. And asked his officer: what? He told: soccer balls. Boss said: ahhhh let him go. Halliluya!!!!

Posted by Vitaly Shamaev at 2023-07-10 16:18:55 UTC