“Southern Terms” & how they relate to Sports Ministry. In our staff meetings at CEDESPORTS I tend to reveal my Alabama roots and use many of these terms and my coworkers (Bob Schindler and Jeff Fox) get a weird look on their faces. So, I have to explain myself. If you have suggestions for future posts, send me a message on this app and I will include them in the future for all those unedjumakated folks! "Thingamajig" is a substitute word for something you've forgotten. Other options for this word include "dohickey," "thingamabob," and "whatchamacallit." These terms have been popularized by popular children's stories, like "The Little Mermaid," as well as Dr. Suess books. Sports Ministry usage: This tends to be used by older folks like Bob Schindler, COO of CEDESPORT and really senior pastors. Smile and simple wait for him to think of the correct word!

Posted by Ken Cross at 2021-07-06 17:30:31 UTC