Time to be vulnerable. Every team practice has a devotional that our coaches share with their team, the last three weeks focus on giving kids and families opportunities to respond. Each year we see kids accept Jesus as their savior. We see families visit and join the church. But not this season. This soccer season we presented the gospel and we're faithful to share the message of Jesus and His sacrifice for us. But there were no decisions made, no families asking about baptism. While it's easy for me take comfort knowing that seeds were planted and the word of God was shared, it revealed a secret about myself that I wasn't aware A secret pride and a hidden arrogance lay dormant in my heart. A sin that festered and had gone unchecked. I have gotten so used to bragging on Jesus to our pastor about what God is doing in our leagues that I felt shame and embarrassed to not have a report that didn't included salvations. Feeling like a failure and an unsuccessful ministry when you are faithful in sharing the gospel meant I was doubting God and His plan. And sharing the gospel for personal gain might yeild eternal results, but goes against everything Jesus proclaimed. And, as is natural in sports, rec and fitness ministries, on to basketball which starts this week.

Posted by Kane Gonzales at 2022-11-28 15:19:25 UTC