Looking for some advice on how to handle a situation with one of my kid pitch baseball coaches/teams. Team lost their game by a lot of runs to none last weekend and normally it's not a huge deal but the coach said when he went to his team to send them out for their final at-bat of the game he had kids saying they didn't want to go back out there. To help understand the situation a little more, opposing pitcher is pitching an absolute gem of a game, no problem there, but up 19-0, his coach sent him back out for the final inning instead of putting in someone else to pitch who may not be as strong of a pitcher and has less experience. Coach "A" of the team losing the game is concerned about keeping his team mentally engaged with still 5 games left in the season and not wanting to just roll over and give up. I need to talk to Coach "B" whose team won the game to figure out why he kept his pitcher in the game not allowing his opponent to have anything to be happy about or get excited about by getting a few hits or maybe even some runs. How can I encourage the coach who has players that were ready to quit and how can I approach the conversation with the coach who didn't pull his ace pitcher who was dominant? Thanks for any help you can give!

Posted by William Stanford at 2022-11-01 12:01:15 UTC